Hire our Off-site Tape Storage, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery services for an effective Data Management

More often, in every industry – be it small or big companies have their trust in Pointer Data Solutions to store, protect, and manage their information. Our team at Pointer Data Solutions helps businesses just like yours:

Trust is everything
Putting your trust in a professional body gives you a peace of mind, and when it comes to off-site tape storage, data protection and disaster recovery, one needs to be quite aware. That’s when the trust factor becomes quite vital, in the whole process.


Staying in the competition and going out of it have a very thin line between it, which eventually means, having the control of your stored data or recovering the lost data, plays a vital role in determining the final outcome.

We Cover The Following Services

Our team’s strategy allows sending critical data off the main location, as part of a recovery plan or strategy and usually transports it off-site, with the help of a removable storage media.

We induct a set of procedures along with policies that enables the recovery of vital technology systems and infrastructure, which further involves, keeping of all aspects of a business functioning.

It’s a practice of outsourcing on a regular basis which involves management functions and responsibilities. We give way to a strategic method for improving expenses and its operations.

It’s a kind of service that includes the software, hardware and an ongoing upkeep of a dedicated server. It allows you to enhance the levels of productivity and channels out other issues.

This method keeps all the entities in a single location which helps in maintaining the off-site data storage. Colocation reduces the percentage of losing vital data of the organization as well.

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Features – you might want to know

Dual Fibre Internet Connection

This network contains two rings, in which the other ring acts as a secondary backup, in case the primary ring fails. Dual Fibre Internet Connection helps in extending the capacity and range.

FM200- Fire Suppression system

It is considered to be a clean, colorless, and an environmental friendly fire suppression agent which is electrically non-conductive and safe for beings. FM200 helps in extinguishing flames through heat absorption, leaving no residue.

Redundant Power supply

Known as the duplication of critical functions and components of a system in the form of a backup, Redundant Power Supply helps in increasing the reliability


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